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Hormone Replacement

Certified BioTE® Medical provider of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)
Our practice is proud to be a certified BioTE® Medical provider of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). We are committed to educating our patients about the benefits of BHRT and how hormone therapy, using the BioTE® method, is the ultimate foundation for good health.

We use tiny subcutaneous cardio-activated bioidentical pellets inserted just below the service of the skin. This BioTE method mimics how hormones are naturally released into the body. This allows a patient’s hormones to remain at optimized levels more consistently than synthetic options without the associated side effects.

Our BioTE® certification means we are dedicated to providing the best hormone therapy available for men and women who want to age healthier and improve the quality of their lives.

Benefits of BioTe™ Pellet Therapy

Safe: Hundreds of Studies, 75yrs Experience, Long-Term Safety Record,
  Used in 5 Continents
Clinically Effective: Steady State of Hormones - "NO Roller Coaster Effect"
Convenience/Compliance: Implanted a Couple of Times A Year
Low Side-Effect Profile
The Best Method to Increase Bone Density
• No Evidence Increased Breast Cancer Risk, Does Not Stimulate Breast Tissue
• No Increase in Blood Clots, Heart Attack or Stroke
Protective to the Breast, Bones, Brains, Heart, & Relationships

What Patients Are Saying About BioTe™

✓ Increased Energy Levels
✓ Restored Interest in Life
✓ Increased Sexual Drive
✓ Consistency in Moods
✓ Relief from Anxiety & Depression
✓ Increased Mental Clarity & Ability to FOCUS
✓ Decreased Body Fat
✓ Greater Capacity for Getting the Body in Shape

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